Point-Of-Care Marketing

Point-of-care marketing is effective for two reasons. (1) It targets potential customers with pinpoint accuracy, and (2) it carries the unspoken endorsement of the professionals who practice in that office. For pharmaceutical and medical markets, there is no better place to promote your product and reinforce your brand. That’s why it’s so important to treat these channels with the respect they deserve, and take full advantage of making the best impression possible. These environments maintain a high standard of clinical suitability and patient safety. That's why healthcare providers are understandably sensitive about the materials allowed in their facilities.

ClingZ® is an approved signage solutions by doctors and medical facilites nationwide. 

  • Non-toxic, PVC and phthalate-free
  • Easy to apply and remove, without leaving any residue
  • Cost-effective installation and top quality graphics
  • Flexibile solution that works on any dry interior surface 
  • Adhesive-free, and chemically inert
  • No odors, toxic off-gasing or damage, even on the most sensitive surfaces!

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